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Integrative Pediatrics is open to new patients!
Integrative Pediatrics is open to new patients. Because we are a medical home, we cannot take new patients who don't live in the area. Being a medical home is vital to our mission to provide informed consent and to empower you the parents to make health
care choices that you feel are best for your children's needs.
To maintain our medical home status we are supposed to see your child for all their well and sick visits.
Thank-you for helping us with this mission and for your patience as we continue to make Integrative Pediatrics the best home for your children's needs.
A safe passage in a changing world.
America offers the best pediatric health care in the world. But we can do more for our childrens’ health than ever before if we use all of the knowledge and tools available to us.
Dr. Paul Thomas and his team at Integrative Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon are committed to bringing his patients and their parents the best blend of traditional, complementary, alternative and holistic medicine – from infancy to adulthood.  

We believe in: 
  •  Treating your infants, children and adolescents like our own.
  •  Individualized immunization schedules
  • ​​Avoiding antibiotics and medications unless absolutely necessary.
  •  Maximizing nutrition to enhance the body’s own natural healing and wellness.
  •  Preventing illness by avoiding toxins such as pesticides, plastics and heavy metals.
  •   Partnering with parents to bring their children the best options from traditional, alternative and complementary medicine. 
Learn More About Dr. Paul Thomas
Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas (“Dr. Paul”) is one of the preeminent children’s health specialists and authors in the U.S. Uniquely, he is also a diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine and certified by The American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine.
There’s a reason why Dr. Paul has over a million followers. Actually, there are many reasons.
​Dr. Paul is a passionate advocate for progressive healthcare for children and their parents. (He and his wife are parents to nine children, six of whom they adopted.)
Dr. Paul is also dedicated to helping adolescents, teens and young adults overcome drug and alcohol dependence and addictive behaviors.
His mission is to provide vital information, resources and guidance to help children and their parents live healthy, productive lives.
Dr. Paul has over a million followers throughout the world who are guided by his advice on integrative, progressive health care and nutrition for children and their parents.
Dr. Paul is author of the best-selling book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan published by Ballantine Books, and The Addiction Spectrum, is being published by HarperOne.
Dr. Paul Approved brings you the best and most important research, information, products, vitamins and nutritional supplements, books, videos, blogs and other recommendations from Dr. Paul Thomas.
In addition to his health focus on young children, adolescents and young adults, Dr. Paul is also committed to helping parents make informed and proactive decisions about not just their children’s health but their own health also.
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A safe passage in a changing world.
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